Pre-Made Library Long-Read Sequencing Services

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Pre-Made Library Long-Read Sequencing Services

Innovative solutions for high-molecular-weight (HMW) DNA sample prep.

Long reads are excellent tools for assembling complete genomes, organizing highly repetitive regions of the genome, determining the location of removable genetic elements, and methylation studies. At CD Genomics, we are providing pre-made library long-read sequencing services, including PacBio Sequel and Oxford Nanopore pre-made library sequencing services. Based on years of experience in the genomic field and advanced long-read sequencing technologies, we are dedicated to delivering innovative, flexible, and scalable services to meet the needs of our customers worldwide. In addition, we also offer in-depth analysis of long-read data see our long-read bioinformatics analysis for more details.

Services Offering at CD Genomics

As a single-molecule sequencing technology, the quality and yield of sequence data from PacBio are highly dependent on the quality of the DNA and RNA samples. We have extensive experience in sample preparation, high molecular weight DNA (HMW-DNA) isolation and extraction for PacBio SMRT sequencing. In addition, customers can submit the libraries for full QC test and use our sequencing-only service. We are committed to providing state-of-the-art PacBio SMRT sequencing services with different capabilities and read lengths to meet the specific needs of our customers.

ONT whole-genome sequencing kits.

We can offer Oxford Nanopore library construction and sequencing services. Our services all use officially designated libraries and original Nanopore sequencing kits. Besides, we also accepts customers' prepared libraries for sequencing and and use our sequencing-only service. With a professional production team and efficient operation team, we guarantee to provide fast and accurate sequencing service and high-quality data for our global customers.

Benefits of Our Service

  • Largest sequencing capacity, including the largest PacBio and ONT sequencing capacity worldwide.
  • Extensive experience in nucleic acid extraction and preparation.
  • Customized services for your biological problems of interest.
  • Fast turnaround time with the most competitive prices.

Major Applications of Our Services

Long-read sequencing technologies offer the unique advantage of long-read length, which greatly enhances de novo assembly, mapping certainty, detection of structural variants, identification of transcriptional isoform, and so forth. Moreover, long-read sequencing methods enable direct detection of native DNA or RNA molecules. With continuous advances in sequencing cost reduction, accuracy as well as throughput, long-read sequencing technologies have emerged as the best options for human, plant, animal, and microbial genome research. The following are major applications we serve, including,

As one of the largest providers of long-read sequencing services, CD Genomics continues to equip itself with the latest long-read sequencing platforms. So far, we possess the latest PacBio sequencers, including PacBio Sequel II and Sequel IIe. In addition, the major ONT systems are available on our platform, including PromethION, GridION, and MinION. We are committed to providing the most comprehensive range of related services across a wide range of fields such as the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and science and agricultural research. Thank you for your interest in our services. To obtain more details about our services, please contact us. We are glad to cooperate with you!


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