Population Evolution

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Population Evolution

Healthy fish and shark populations.

Population evolution generally refers to obtaining genomic information of each subgroup of a natural population of a species through whole-genome resequencing technology. By comparison with the reference genome, a large amount of variation data such as single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), insertion-deletion (InDel), structural variation (SV), and copy number variation (CNV) can be obtained. These genome-wide variation data help to study species evolution in-depth at the molecular level, involving the analysis of biological issues such as genetic diversity, genetic structure, gene flow, species formation mechanisms, and population dynamic evolution of populations.

Application of Population Evolution

  • Population history research.
  • Artificial domestication mechanism studies.
  • Natural selection mechanism studies.

Service Offering at CD Genomics

To explore the biological issues, such as the genetic structure of the population, next-generation sequencing technology (short-read sequencing) is applied to generate SNP, InDel, CNV, and other genomic information. Long-read sequencing technology makes up for the missed detection of SV by traditional short-read sequencing, providing an advantage potential to increase the reliability and resolution of SV detection. The genetic diversity of genomic SV is analyzed by long-read sequencing, and the results obtained from the next-generation data are corroborated with each other to comprehensively analyze the population characteristics of the species at the DNA genome level.

Sample Requirements

  1. Sample Quantity: at least 10 samples for each group, and the total sample size should be no less than 30.
  2. Sample amount:
    -Illumina platform: ≥ 1 μg. OD260/280=1.8~2.0, OD260/230=2.0~2.2, no degradation and no contamination.
    -PacBio/ONT platform: ≥ 10 μg. OD260/280=1.8~2.0, OD260/230=2.0~2.2, no degradation and no contamination.
  3. Sequencing strategy:
    -Illumina platform: 350 bp library, ≥ 10 X.
    -PacBio/ONT platform: ≥10kb, ≥ 30X.

Workflow of Our Service

Workflow of Our Service-CD Genomics.

Analysis Workflow

Analysis Workflow-CD Genomics.

Specific Analysis Contents

  • Data quality control.
  • SNP, CNV, and SV detection and annotation.
  • Differential SV analysis.
  • Population SV typing.
  • Phylogenetic tree construction.
  • Principal component analysis (PAC).
  • Genetic diversity analysis.
  • Selective elimination analysis.
  • Gene functional annotation and enrichment analysis.

Benefits of Our Service

  • Complete and accurate genetic variation information with long-read.
  • Precise localization of selected functional genes.
  • Extensive experience in population evolution analysis.
  • Fast turnaround time with the most competitive prices.

Population evolution research based on whole-genome resequencing can effectively reveal genetic variation within a population and can be used to trace the evolutionary process of a population and mine evolutionary genes, which has been widely used in the study of artificial domestication mechanisms, analysis of natural selection mechanisms and population history studies of many species. CD Genomics is a leading global life sciences company. We specialize in innovative applications of long-read sequencing technologies, genomics analysis methods, and internet concepts in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, science, and agricultural research. Based on advanced sequencing platforms and experienced experts, we are dedicated to providing complete and accurate genetic variation information of the population to facilitate comprehensive population characterization of species.

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