PacBio Sequencing Data Analysis

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PacBio Sequencing Data Analysis

PacBio SMRT sequencing represents the first long-read sequencing method that generates reads with an average length of15-20 kb. PacBio HiFi sequencing is characterized by long reads, unbiased coverage, and high accuracy, providing a truly comprehensive view. CD Genomics is providing our customers with a wide range of tools and methods to analyze, visualize and annotate their PacBio sequencing data. Based on our unique bioinformatics analysis platform, we can help researchers and professionals use long-read sequence data for a wide range of genomics analyses and solve a variety of bioinformatics problems.

Data Analysis.

Analyze and Make the Most of Your Data

  • High-quality de novo genome assembly generation.
  • Variant calling, including high precision and recall for SNVs, inDels, SVs, CNVs, including in difficult-to-map repetitive regions.
  • Full-length RNA transcript identification.
  • Epigenetic modification detection, such as allele-specific methylation.

PacBio Sequencing Data Analysis at CD Genomics

We are now providing PacBio Sequel library construction and sequencing services, including sample preparation, high molecular weight DNA (HMW-DNA) isolation, nucleic acid extraction and QC, and PacBio long-read sequencing. In addition to these services, we also offer PacBio sequencing data analysis. Our dedicated bioinformaticians have extensive experience in overcoming these and various other challenges that researchers face every day. We offer the following data analysis services, including,

Analytical tools Detection Applications Solving problems
Whole-genome sequencing analytical tools: SeqMan NGen; SMRT-SV, pbsv, DeepVariant, WhatsHap, SMRT View De novo assembly and variant detection Whole-genome sequencing For human, plant, animal, and microbial genome research
RNA sequencing analytical tools: SMRTLink, Iso-Con, SQANTI3, TAPPAS, Kallisto Isoform detection and characterization (Iso-Seq method) RNA sequencing In-depth analysis of cDNA sequences
Epigenetic analytical tools: SMRT Link, R-kinetics, motif-finding, IGV Base modification detection and motif analysis Epigenetic base modification and methylation detection Detection of DNA or RNA modifications
Complex Populations analytical tools: SMRT Link, SeqMan NGen, DeepVariant, SMRT View De novo assembly, detection of minor variant and base modifications Complex populations Explore variants in bacterial, fungal, and viral cell populations

Benefits of Our Service

Big genomic data visualization.

  • Multiple analysis tools for different types of PacBio sequencing data.
  • A rich set of SMRT sequencing data and resources.
  • Robust and customized analytical workflows.
  • Dedicated bioinformaticians with extensive experience in long-read sequence data analysis.
  • Provide intuitive, easy-to-use, and complete analytical study reports.

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