Microbial Whole-Genome Resequencing

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Microbial Whole-Genome Resequencing

Microbial whole-genome resequencing is the sequencing of the whole genome of bacteria, fungi, or other microbes, and comparing it to multiple known reference genomes. CD Genomics is one of the international pioneers in long-read sequencing technologies. Long-read sequencing is also known as third-generation sequencing technology. Compared with traditional methods like next-generation sequencing (NGS), third-generation sequencing has greatly improved the ability to sequence whole genomes in the last decade.

We focus on innovative applications of long-read sequencing technologies, genomics analysis methods, and internet concepts in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, science, and agricultural research. We are dedicated to providing rapid and reliable information on microbial genome sequences, detecting key and low-frequency mutations, as well as other genetic variations among microbial strains.

Our Service Support

  • Monitoring, detection, and prevention of the spread of disease-causing microorganisms.
  • Identification and characterization of microbial functional and pathogenic genes.
  • The study of species evolutionary relationships of microorganisms.
  • Comprehensive characterization of microbes for scientific breakthroughs.

Prokaryotic microorganisms.

Microbial Whole-Genome Resequencing Service Overview

In particular, Oxford Nanopore Sequencing Technology (ONT) serves as an affordable and powerful tool for microbial genome research. This method takes full advantage of the ultra-long read length to easily span these complex structures in the microbial genome, not only in a more concise assembly process but also in a direct analysis of DNA base modifications. While PacBio SMRT sequencing (HiFi sequencing) with high accuracy is more suitable for studying gene regulation and genome complexity.

We have extensive experience in bacterial whole-genome resequencing projects and is committed to providing comprehensive and accurate genome resolution results. Our bacterial whole-genome resequencing service enables the detection and identification of genetic mutations, the study of bacterial genomic complexity, the investigation of strains' adaptability to different niches, and so on.

There is an increasing number of studies on the whole genome of fungi, which provides a broad and accurate perspective for mycological studies. Based on long-read sequencing technologies, we are proud to offer fungal whole-genome resequencing. Our service has many applications, including studies of pathogenic fungus-crop interaction, identification of pathogenicity-related genes, studies of evolutionary relationships with closely related species, and comparative genomic studies.

Since viruses are fast-evolving, rapid and accurate sequencing of viral genomes is particularly important. Our whole-genome resequencing analysis workflow is robust and available for various viral samples. More importantly, we provide end-to-end and customized services according to our global customers' specific project requirements, cycle time, and budget.

Benefits of our Service

  • Decades of experience in genomics services. We have completed many microbial whole-genome resequencing projects.
  • Optimized and well-established long-read sequencing platforms. As one of the international pioneers in long sequence sequencing, we focus on innovative applications of long-read sequencing technologies, genomics analysis methods, and internet concepts in medical and preclinical research.
  • Keeping up with the frontier of scientific research. We constantly upgrade the information analysis content and have extensive experience in personalized analysis.
  • Fast turnaround time and complete analytical study reports.

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