Microbial Whole-Genome De Novo Sequencing

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Microbial Whole-Genome De Novo Sequencing

Viruses, bacteria and microorganisms.

Whole-genome sequencing serves as a powerful tool for the discovery and identification of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. As one of the main bioinformatic strategies for genome assembly, de novo assembly refers to the generation of contigs without reference genomes. Using whole genome de novo sequencing, the genomic information of microbes can be obtained, which provides a basis for studying the structure and function of microbial genes, identifying microbial species, exploring the evolutionary origin of microbial populations, and expanding the applications of microbes.

CD Genomics is providing long-read sequencing technologies (including Oxford Nanopore Technologies, ONT and Pacific Biosciences, PacBio) to fully support the de novo assembly of microbial genomes, including bacterial, fungal, and viral genomes. Our service is end-to-end and consists of five main components, including experimental consultation and design, library construction and QC, short-read and long-read sequencing, data analysis, and after-sales Q&A. We are committed to providing the optimal strategies as well as high-quality genome assemblies in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Service Highlights

  • Facilitating high-quality genome reconstruction with the largest short and long-read sequencing capacity.
  • Years of experience in microbial de novo sequencing projects, including bacterial, fungal, and viral genomes.
  • Significantly improved assembly specifications with minimal cycle time.
  • Keeping up with the frontiers of microbial genomics and bioinformatics analysis.
  • Providing complete and customized solutions for in-depth analysis of microbial genomes.

Microbial Whole-Genome De Novo Sequencing Service Overview

Long-read sequencing can greatly help provide the resolution of complex bacterial genomes. To ensure maximum assembly accuracy, we recommend using short-read Illumina data to further polish the genome assembly. Our service enables the analysis of bacterial genome information at different levels of fineness, deciphering the development of bacteria, and exploring their potential value.

De novo genome assembly based on long reads continues to evolve rapidly. In addition to supporting the de novo assembly of bacterial genomes, we also offer fungal whole-genome de novo sequencing services based on advanced long-read sequencing technologies. At CD Genomics, the advanced assembly of fungi is available, providing powerful support for fungal research that can be used to predict important genes and proteins of fungi and understand their functions and possible mechanisms.

At CD Genomics, we combine the advantages of high accuracy of short-read data and long-read data to generate the sequence information of virus genome, and subsequently analyze the virulence system and evolution of virus at the structural genome and comparative genome level through differential analysis, homologous gene analysis, synteny analysis, and phylogenetic analysis, etc.

To perform microbial whole-genome de novo sequencing, researchers choose CD Genomics. With multiple specialists and years of experience in this field, we guarantee you high-quality data and advanced bioinformatics analyses.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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