Bacterial Whole-Genome Resequencing

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Bacterial Whole-Genome Resequencing

Bacterial whole-genome resequencing involves sequencing the entire genome of a bacterium and comparing the sequencing reads to a known reference. CD Genomics is a leading custom service provider in sequencing technologies, particularly in the field of long-read sequencing. Our bacterial whole-genome resequencing service enables the analysis of multiple genomic variation types among microbial strains, providing accurate and in-depth information on bacterial genome sequences. With world-leading equipment combined with cutting-edge sequencing technology, we continue to help researchers gain new insights into bacteriology.

Bacterial Whole-Genome Resequencing

Microscopic view of bacteria.

Whole-genome resequencing is a powerful tool to study bacterial genomes. So far, this method has helped researchers detect mutations in genetic suppressor screens, infer genome replication status, and identify base-pair substitutions, short insertions/deletions, and structural variants in genome instability studies. To perform whole-genome resequencing, Illumina sequencing has become the most straightforward and widely used approach. As the study of bacterial genetics continues, the shortcomings of this technology have become increasingly apparent. The Illumina platform has read lengths between 50-300 bp, which makes it very difficult to perform de novo assembly of the genome through repetitive genomic regions. The long-read sequencing platform overcomes the challenges related to short Illumina reads by significantly increasing read length. In addition, the ability of long-read sequencing to directly detect DNA base modifications without prior knowledge of their existence makes it an excellent tool to promote our understanding of a wide range of topics in bacteriology.

Our Service Support

  • Detection and identification of genetic mutations, such as key deletions and insertions as well as low-frequency mutations among microbial strains.
  • Bacterial genomic complexity research, such as the investigation of homologous genes between different types of strains.
  • Investigation of strains' adaptability to different niches.

Workflow of Our Bacterial Whole-Genome Resequencing

Workflow of Our Bacterial Whole Genome Resequencing- CD Genomics

Sample Requirements

  1. Sample Type: Genomic DNA, OD260/280=1.8~2.0, no degradation and no contamination
  2. Bacterial DNA amount:
    Illumina HiSeq platform ≥ 2 μg,
    PacBio Sequel ll platform ≥ 5 μg, depending on the desired library insertion size.
    Nanopore PromethION platform: ≥ 5 μg.

Data Analysis Contents

Standard Analysis Advanced Analysis
The removal of the sequencing adapters and low-quality sequences Comparative genome analysis
Data QC Gene synteny analysis
Reference genome alignment Phylogenetic analysis
Genetic variation detection, annotation, and statistics, including SNP/InDel, CNV, SV Customized analysis

Benefits of Our Service

  • Decades of experience in genomics services.
  • Optimized and well-established long-read sequencing platforms.
  • Keeping up with the frontier of scientific research.
  • Fast turnaround time and complete analytical study reports.

Whole-genome resequencing has multiple applications in bacteriology. Our services provide rapid and accurate bacterial genome sequence information to guide and inform screening for superior traits and strain resistance studies. Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day from Monday to Sunday. Let's know what your goals are and our team of experts will contact you within one business day to discuss your needs.


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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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