Animal and Plant Genomics with Long-Read Sequencing

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Animal and Plant Genomics with Long-Read Sequencing

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The study of complex genomes and transcriptomes not only contributes to a better understanding plant and animal biology at the molecular level, but also helps to protect crop and livestock health. Highly accurate genome sequencing helps to discover genomic clues about organisms. At CD Genomics, our goal is to apply innovative technologies to the analysis of genetic variation and function. Based on years of experience in the genomic field and advanced long-read sequencing technologies, we are dedicated to delivering innovative, flexible, and scalable services to meet the needs of our customers worldwide. Here, we are providing the following services to support our customers' plant and animal research.

Services Offering at CD Genomics

We have years of experience in providing accurate and customized whole genome sequencing services and high-quality results. Based on advanced long-read sequencing platforms, our service generates reference-quality assemblies of complex plant and animal genomes by overcoming problems such as high GC regions that cannot be spanned, highly repetitive fragments that cannot be accurately quantified, and rare mutations that are overwhelmed. In addition, almost all types of genetic variation, such as single nucleotide variants (SNV), small fragment insertion-deletion mutations (InDel), and large fragment structure variants (SV), can be detected and analyzed.

Through de novo sequencing of plants and animals, the whole genome sequences of plants and animals can be obtained. It provides the basis for a series of studies such as functional gene mining, regulatory metabolic network construction, and species evolutionary analysis downstream of the species to promote species research. Our services typically include experimental consultation and design, sample preparation, multi-platform sequencing, read assembly, genome and functional annotation, advanced bioinformatic analysis, and customized analysis for specific biological queries.

Long-read amplicon sequencing shows promise as a powerful tool for studying complete genes or genomes of complex and diverse populations. Based on the PacBio Sequel II sequencing platform, the single-molecule real-time sequencing approach allows researchers to analyze genetic variation in specific genomic regions of plants and animals. Our services support identification of rare somatic mutations in complex samples, detection and characterization of all types of variants, investigation of haplotype-specific markers and so on.

PacBio Iso-seq has been widely used to explore many full-length cDNA samples from plants and animals. In recent years, Oxford nanopore sequencing has also been utilized to sequence full-length cDNA samples from model animals and humans. Based on Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) nanopore sequencing and Pacific Biosciences's (PacBio's) Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) sequencing, we are providing animal and plant RNA sequencing and leading to breakthrough discoveries.

A single reference genome is not sufficient to achieve many research goals. To better explore genetic variation among individuals within a species, pan-genome analysis has been established and utilized. Pan-Genome refers to a collection of genetic compositions of a species, including dispensable genome and a core, conserved genome. The study of pan-genomes begins with the sampling of a diverse set of individuals. The characterization of pan-genomes and the study of structural variations within species can reveal a wide range of variations in genome content among individuals within species.

Eukaryotes have three genomes, including the nuclear genome and two organelle genomes. While the nuclear genome carries the vast majority of information, the mitochondrial (mt) and chloroplast (cp) genomes are also essential. Compared to the nuclear genome, the genome of cp and mt have their unique characteristics, including high copy number, random segregation, and single-parent inheritance. With PacBio SMRT sequencing and ONT nanopore sequencing, CD Genomics can sequence organelle genomes of plants as well as animals, providing reliable genome data for further genetics studies and taxonomic/phylogenetic analysis. Our services are cost-effective, straightforward, and highly flexible to meet the specific needs of our clients worldwide.

Our services not only provide reliable results but also guarantee you ultra-fast turnaround time. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our services. Your questions and comments are important to us.

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